Before applying any flooring system, the correct method of preparation is essential to achieve a bond between the substrate and the new floor system.
Dust Enclosed Shot-blasting, Scabbling, Diamond Grinding and Hot Compressed Air System are the most suitable for resin flooring systems.




BLASTRAC Dust Free Floor Preparation

BLASTRAC state of the art equipment provides the ultimate solution to dust free floor preparation and removes most types of coatings from concrete flooring.

Dust free floor preparation is the method recommended by all major coating manufacturers providing an ideal profile for reapplication.

The Blastrac equipment that we utilise works completely dust-free and is very quiet in operation meaning we can work in many types of environments causing minimum disruption to clients or their personnel.

Typical applications would include:

  • Removal of paint
  • Granolithic texturing
  • Laitance removal from new concrete
  • Providing anti slip surfaces on tiled and concrete surfaces
  • Line removal
  • Exposing of aggregates for aesthetic purposes
  • General cleaning of soiled concrete floors




Floor Scabbling method


Dust-free Diamond Grinding method


BLASTRAC floor Shot-blasting method


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